Course Overview

This course offers an introduction to an understanding of the criminal mind. It does so from a psychological perspective, considering the main theories of personality. These will be described and explained to students, presenting them with an opportunity to complete the main personality questionnaires and to think about how a pathological mind might respond to the same items. Students will be presented with the main theories in neurocriminology, learning about the current findings from brain imaging and genetic studies. They will learn about the current research in the field, from both a psychological and a biological perspective.

The Details

  • July 20 - July 31 ( Available all sessions)

  • 10 AM - 12 PM EDT; M-F

  • Grades 9-12

  • 20 hours of Live Instruction

  • Max. 10 students per class

  • Instructor Office Hours Available

  • Certificate

  • Program Fee: $1,295

What They're Saying

by Taylor k.

"Dr. Brown is a great professor who really knows his stuff. The course was a fascinating insight into human behavior and why some people become criminals."



Ron Brown, Ph.D., M.Ed.

Dr. Ron Brown received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras Campus in 2016 with a concentration in teaching and research. He teaches courses such as: Research Methods, General Psychology, Learning and Memory, Psychology of the Criminal Mind and the Psychology of Creativity, among others. Dr. Brown’s current research interests include the exploration of variables within educational psychology that impact educators and student behavior management; such as teacher self-efficacy, resilience and dispositional optimism.