Course Overview

SAT Preparation

Summerfuel has offered test preparation to students for more than 35 years. With experience we have found that students who have exposure to the SAT become much more confident in their ability to master the test.

With familiarity and the voice of an expert instructor guiding them, students move through test sections more quickly leaving less to chance when sitting for the actual SAT. Our goal is to help each of our students perform to the best of his or her ability during the admissions process. Test prep is one important part of that puzzle.

SAT Preparation Details

  • Designed for students completing grades 9-11

  • SAT Preparation will meet M-F from 10am-11.30am EDT

  • All test preparation classes will be taught live, with test structure, problems and strategies carefully explained

  • 3 scored diagnostics will be administered as part of the course.

  • Students will be grouped with instructors based on analysis of their first diagnostic.

  • Every student will receive scored copies of their diagnostics with recommendations for focused practice where needed.

  • College Admissions Comprehensive bundle: $2495