Course Overview

Writing the College Admissions Essay

With ten, 1.5 hour live instruction classes, students will learn critical storytelling and communication skills through short exercises and collaborative workshopping.

“Show don’t tell” is key for writing college essays, too! Here’s why it works: Information is absorbed through the five senses and processed by the brain’s limbic system, resulting in an emotional response. A gut punch. A heart lift. A stomach drop. Students will learn how to show vivid details to craft a personal story that admissions officers connect with emotionally.

The Details

  • Essay Writing will meet M-F 2 - 3:30pm EDT

  • Designed for students completing grades 9-11

  • All writing classes will be live, with short exercises, discussion and interaction

  • Faculty will hold drop-in office hours for additional support

  • Every student will receive a final copy of their essay with suggestions for further development

  • College Admissions Comprehensive bundle: $2,495



Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons

Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons is a New York-based writer, educator, and storyteller whose work has appeared in A Mighty Blaze, Marie Claire, and Hippocampus Magazine, among others. Her most recent play, All I Want Is One More Meanwhile... made its Midwest Premiere at Otherworld Theatre in Chicago. She has MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Combining her love of theater and narrative nonfiction, Kelly Jean created No, YOU Tell It! a storytelling series dedicated to performing true-life tales with a twist. Learn more and listen to the podcast at